Pay tribute to a loved one with an Addaction Tribute Fund

An Addaction Tribute Fund is a simple way to pay a lasting tribute to someone precious to you. Through it, you and others can donate to Addaction in memory of a loved one, raising vital funds to provide support to everyone feeling trapped and suffering because of addiction and mental health problems.

Addaction is one of the largest organisations directly tackling the stigma and perceptions around addiction as well as providing hands on services for people struggling with alcohol and drug misuse.

Addaction is there for the whole journey. It’s only through understanding the underlying issues and working in partnership with service users and their families that we get to see the whole picture and plan the most effective recovery.

We can help

Right now in the UK millions of people are affected by substance misuse and mental health problems. It is possible that you or someone you know may have been touched by addiction and mental health issues as well. If you think you or someone you know needs help and advice, please visit our website to find the closest service to you or email us.

Contact Us

We have a dedicated Tribute Fund support team here. You can contact us Mon-Fri 9-5 by phone or anytime using the links below. Thank you for your support.

To get in touch please call 020 7017 2753 or you can:

Email us if you're considering setting up a Tribute Fund

Email us if you have a question about an existing Tribute Fund

Email us if you have a technical query about your Tribute Fund

Email us a testimonial or feedback

Email us with any other query

Addiction doesn't discriminate

Addiction can affect anyone. Someone you know, someone you love. In the UK, right now, people and families are being destroyed by alcohol and drug misuse.

People can lose their jobs, their loved ones, be in an abusive relationship or have an underlying mental health problem. And for some people – people without adequate support- these are the first steps on the road to a destructive addiction.

Recovery brings freedom

But over 90,000 people every year have the chance to change and to live a life free from addiction thanks to the tireless work of our workers. We provide specialist support that gives people the opportunity to lift themselves out of the hardship, fear and shame and to find freedom through recovery.

We work to remove the stigma and the shame associated with it. It’s time to change the way we see, think and speak about addiction. With people’s support we can end the stigma and give everyone the chance to have a thriving life.

Recovery stories

Recovery is a transformative journey for people facing addiction and their loved one. It brings positive change for people in so many different ways. Read what recovery means for the people we help here.